Good day to all you fellow gamers, noobs, and wannabes out there! I am excited to launch this new site. My fellow comrade (Mike
) and I will be churning out quality articles related to the gaming industry, and game design. We'll be looking at latest gaming trends and helping you figure out what works, what doesn't, and what could be done better. We'll offer you tips and tricks on how to improve your games. Better yet, we'll even help you figure out how to design a game from the ground up.

What is game design?

Game design is the organization of gameplay elements that define your core mechanics. Basically the ideas that make your game fun! On we are committed to helping you think about the decisions you make when designing your games. This can encompass a variety of topics, ranging from RPG leveling, to FPS level design, even the simple aesthetic approaches that will make your game visually appealing.

You can take a philosophical approach

Or you can take a technical approach

Game design is the guiding hand on how your developers and artists create their content for your game. It's the best part about creating games, before reality sets in and you need to write 5,000 lines of code or complete that character rig for your melee animation. As the site continues to grow, we will continually go back to asking ourselves, "What is Game Design?", to better understand how we can improve the way we design and develop games.