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Welcome to the Game Design Center

Tim Jones    |     October 19th, 2011    |     8 comments
Good day to all you fellow gamers, noobs, and wannabes out there! I am excited to launch this new site. My fellow comrade (Mike) and I will be churning out quality articles related to the gaming industry, and game design. We'll be looking at latest gaming trends and helping you figure out what works, what doesn't, and what could be done better. We'll offer you tips and tricks on how to improve your games. Better yet, we'll even help you figure out how to design a game from the ground up.

One Page Proposal

Today we will introduce you to the 1 Page Pitch, a document that I have used frequently to help me flesh out game ideas. This document is great tool for communicating your ideas to the people on your development team, upper management, or a potential publisher.