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Battle Torn

Michael Green    |     November 3rd, 2011    |     0 comments
Battlefield 3 can now be named EA's fastest selling game to-date. As of last week gamers have purchased 5 million copies of the 10 million units that were shipped to retailers and other distribution channels. Selling 1 million copies, let alone 5 million, is a feat not easily obtained. Battlefield will no doubt be named as October's best-selling game. With a current (as of 11/02/2011) Metacritic score of 90, EA's latest military shooter has garnered a heap of praise from game reviewers. It is also the flagship title for EA's online distribution channel, Origin.

Despite its healthy sales numbers and critical acclaim, Battlefield 3's "success" might be overlooked if it can't succeed in toppling Activision's annual Call of Duty release. This article will highlight 4 problematic issues that may hinder the "success" of Battlefield 3.
Game Launch

One Page Proposal

Today we will introduce you to the 1 Page Pitch, a document that I have used frequently to help me flesh out game ideas. This document is great tool for communicating your ideas to the people on your development team, upper management, or a potential publisher.