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Build a Better Boss Battle

Michael Green    |     October 19th, 2011    |     1 comment
If you have had the opportunity to play Deus Ex: Human Evolution you may have experienced difficulty in defeating the main bosses. Nearly a month after the game's release, it was revealed that Eidos Montreal had actually outsourced the development of these encounters to another studio. The noticeable disconnect between the game's main gameplay and its overwhelming boss confrontations forced me to think about what I may have done differently. As we design games, we need to constantly evaluate the cohesiveness of our design choices. These five simple critique points can help you reevaluate your boss battle decisions.

One Page Proposal

Today we will introduce you to the 1 Page Pitch, a document that I have used frequently to help me flesh out game ideas. This document is great tool for communicating your ideas to the people on your development team, upper management, or a potential publisher.