Today we reveal 10 through 6 on Mike's "Best of 2011" list. Check out the first part of the list 15-11, here.

10. Nintendo's 3Ds Lineup

3Ds While the 3Ds had a lauded release, the past few months have demonstrated the prowess of Nintendo's new handheld. Super Mario 3D Land, particularly, demonstrates how 3D can enhance classic gaming platforming. Mario Kart 7 showcases the 3Ds's wireless multiplier capabilities, while 2 N64 classics receive a great visual upgrade. If anyone still has doubts about the longevity of Nintendo's newest platform, they only need to play 5 minutes of Tanooki Mario to be reassured. Not to mention the fanatically cute downloadable puzzle game, Pushmo.

GD Highlights
• Super Mario 3D Land - Memorable Super Mario Bros. 3 mechanics in beautiful 3D
• Mario Kart 7 - Blue Shell frustration is back, as well as a new set of kart upgrades
• Pushmo - Quick and clever puzzle design that bests most mobile games

9. Dark Souls

Dark Souls The predecessor to 2009's critical darling, Demon's Souls, Dark Souls is a more refined and approachable fantasy RPG. The game's design revolves around punishing enemies and difficult boss encounters. You will die. A lot. Trying to figure out the best tactics to ward off your deadly foes becomes incredibly rewarding as you push your way through the dark narrows and depths of Dark Souls.(Wikipedia)

GD Highlights
• Punishing gameplay and difficult boss battles
• Rich RPG elements and character classes
• Unique multiplayer features

8. Bastion

Bastion The Indy hit of the year, Bastion is a unique blend of simple RPG elements and classic button mashing controls. Not only is this game fun to play, but it is visually and musically outstanding. The tone and style of Bastion is difficult to describe, but could be easily expressed as a vivid painting come to live. Darren Korb's soundtrack stitches the game's mechanics and visuals perfectly, while the voice work of the game's narrator compels you to keep chomping at the game's bit. (Wikipedia)

GD Highlights
• Weapon and gadget upgrades
• Isometric gameplay
• Fantastic voice work and soundscapes

7. Gears of War 3

Gears of War 3 Gears of War 2 was my favorite exclusive for XBox 360, until Gears of War 3 ascended from the clouds over Raleigh, NC. Filled with glorified head pops and lush environments, Gears of War 3 may be the most beautifully looking game on the 360. Sorry Bulletstorm. We talked about Gears in the past, which you can read about here, but we plan on spending a little more time with it in the coming months.(As we discuss making design decisions in multiplayer modes and character development.) (Wikipedia)

GD Highlights
• 4 player co-op campaign
• Cover based, third person view action game
• Rewarding and expansive multiplayer experience

6. Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City Batman Returns. I remember my mother taking me to see this film at the local theatre when I was just a little Bat tike. I loved it. It comes in at number 2, just under The Dark Knight, as far as my favorite Bat flicks go. I think I fondly feel the same way with Arkham City. City is arguably one of the best game's of this year, but oddly doesn't have the same impact as Asylum. And that's okay. Filled to the brim with just about every known Batman villain, Arkham City does a fantastic job brining us back into the world of Bruce Wayne. More gadgets, more missions, more combo takedowns; this game optimizes what a true gaming sequel should be. (Wikipedia)

GD Highlights
• An Open World filled with collectibles and unique side quests
• An array of Batman gadgets, specialized for certain puzzles and missions
• Final performance for Mark Hamill's Joker

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