I'm attending the GDC's Indie Games Summit at the Moscone Center, here in San Francisco, CA. GDC is a great event to meet fellow game designers and learn about their struggles and successes. Here is a quick look at some of game development tips from the first day of talks.

#Sworcery ( Nathan Vella from Capy Games)

• Narrow your audience; try to target the 10% of the 100%
• How can you make your game standout, what is unique about it?
• Trailers, Trailers, Trailers ---- make trailers to promote your game
• Riskier design can be more successful on mobile platforms like iOS (Unsure about Android)
• It may be more of a risk if your game doesn't standout

PonyCorns (Ryan Henson Creighton from Untold Entertainment)

• "Get struck by lighting" -- find success when you can and then run with it
• Have a marketing story
• Talk to everyone you can about your game, everyone is important
• Make it easy for you to talk to people and for people to talk about you
• Form Alliances
• Do what you love!

Atom Zombie Smasher (Brendon Chung: Blendo Games)

• If you have an idea for a game, research the subject matter
• Immerse yourself in the subject matter; movies, books, history, music, etc.
• Test out your ideas through pen & paper design, create a board game out of it
• Add a personal touch to your game, authorship is important
• If possible, allow your players to submit bugs they find and feedback about the game