This week we take a look ghastly ghouls and malevolent robots. Both of these games tackle game platforming in interesting ways. The 2D and FPS camera perspectives challenge the designer to tackle platforming differently for each game. Timing of jumps and swift reactions to the games' environments are critical to the overall experience.

Portal 2

Portal 2 One of the most anticipated games this year, Portal 2 picks up where the first Portal left off and improves on an already unique puzzle / FPS experience. GLaDOS is "accidentally" resurrected, and you are forced to be her faithful test subject once again. You'll go through many test chambers (new, abandoned, or destroyed), and discover a few new inventions from Aperture Science. Voice acting is excellent and professional, something you'll appreciate as you begin traversing the much expanded world of Aperture Science. You'll solve familiar puzzles setup by GLaDOS, as well as some older puzzles back from Aperture's beginnings. Keep your wits about you, and just remember, the cake is lie! (Wikipedia Entry)

GD Highlights
• Portal Gun
• Environments that expand the main story
• Unique Puzzle Designs

Super Ghouls'n Ghosts

Super Ghouls'n Ghosts This platforming SNES game has been criticized as one of the most difficult games to beat. Players take on the role of a knight named Arthur who must save a princess from the clutches of an evil demon lord named Emperor Sardius. Players traverse several diverse stages while fighting various enemies and overcoming deadly obstacles. Along the way Arthur can equip a variety of magical weapons that can be upgraded to unleash more powerful attacks. Acquiring new weapons and utilizing their specific abilities is key to succeeding in Super Ghouls'n Ghosts. Once players defeat the last boss they must play through the entire game again to officially beat the game. There are no saves or check points. Good luck! (Wikipedia Entry)

GD Highlights
• Armor Set HP
• Special Weapons: dagger, crossbow, tri-blade, lance, etc.
• Treacherous Platforming
• Double Jump Ability